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How to make a .GIF Tutorial

HAI GUYS! It’s Tina here, and since a lot of people have asked and are interested in knowing how to make a .GIF for free; well here it is!


Firstly, you will need a video that you want to make a gif with. If you want to download from YouTube, I recommend this site: keepvid

To make gifs, the best option to choose is the ›› Download MP4 ‹‹ - High Quality - 480x360.  This will download into your default browser download folder. I will be making a gif from Gikwang’s cut from ‘My Princess’


Now, you have to download the ‘Free Video to JPEG Convertor’ which will convert your video into individual .jpg frames.

After the setup has been finished, open the software, and press BROWSE….

[This is located in the middle-ish left side]

Here, you have to choose your video that you have downloaded, and it will then appear in ‘Input files:’ So it should look like this à

As you can see above; under Extract, three options are given

Type in ‘0.13’ in the ‘Every _______ seconds’ box.

You then choose your Output Folder [where all the frames are going to be] and press the ‘Extract Button’

In your output folder there should be lots and lots of photos shown in chronological order; like this:

And YES, this is perfectly normal, unless you have software which can trim videos. I can’t find any good free trimming software, but if you do know one that supports .mp4 videos tell me.


Now, you can download a software called GIMP

It’s a useful software, much like Photoshop, but it’s free :) You can edit photos and various other things, so yeah :D

Anyways, open GIMP after you download it. It should look a bit like this;

Now you press on ‘File’ and then press on 'Open as Layers' [MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT JUST 'OPEN'] 

Now you select the pictures that you want to make into a gif. A good choice would be for you to first go to the ‘Output folder’ (where the frames are saved) and first choosing the part that you want, and then deleting the rest of the unneeded frames.

But after the frames are selected [preferably up to 12] NOTE: If there is more than twelve frames, the size of the .gif file will be too big and thus you will have to scale the image to be a very small  like this;

I’ve chosen 11 for the one I am going to show you. What I usually do is select the needed frames from the folder and paste it into another folder, so I don’t have to go through the whole list of photos. THIS IS MUCH EASIER. If you don’t get what I’m saying, just ask me :D

As you can see above, the .jpg frames have been saved somewhere else. All you need to do now is click on the ‘Open’ button located at the bottom right [next to Cancel].

Now it should look like this;

Now you can crop the image and scale.


Well, the crop button is here, and you simple select the part you want

Then you press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.

After this step, you have to scale the image. You can do this by going down the ‘Image Tab’ and pressing 'Scale Image'

A window should pop up, looking like this;

If you want to post your gif on Tumblr, the width has to be <500 (less than 500) and the size should be <500 k. But I will make the width 410. The width varies accordingly to the number of layers you put into the gif. For a 11 layer .gif, this should be around 390-410. All you need to do is type this number in ‘Width’ and it will automatically change its height, so you don’t need to do anything else. Then you click on ‘Scale’

This looks like a lot of steps, right? Once you get used to this method, it becomes very easy. Now we may continue :D

After you scale the image, you have to go down to File and click on Save As… [NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU ARE PRESSING ‘SAVE AS’ AND NOT JUST ‘SAVE’] 


After you press this, you will have to choose where you are going to save your gif. You will also have to rename your gif and write ‘.gif' RIGHT AFTER; just like this;

Now press save

Next, a box should come up like this. You have to click on ‘Save as Animation’ and then click on EXPORT

And there’s one last step. Another box should come up. You will have to click on ‘Loop Forever’, and delay between frames to 130 milliseconds. [the time can vary, but this is the right speed accordingly to the way you want it to look like. You can play with this since it does not really affect the size of the .gif

Now you press ‘Save’ and you should be done with your gif

Here is the final product! All you need to do now is upload it on Tumblr and SPAZZ, SPAZZ AND SPAZZ.

And if you love me, you can submit it to fuckyeahbeastgifs… just saying ;)


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